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Once upon a time it was a little girl called Adelheit. She lived at her grandmother and spent her time to help her grandmother with the daily work incurred. Adelheit and her grandmother had not a good live because they hadn't the money for enough food. They earned their money by repairing the clothes for their fellow citizen. Adelheit wasn't a great help hereby because it seems as she wouldn't know much from this handcraft. And she became sad when the hands from the grandmother became more and more weak and the girl wasn't able to help her.

Once a day she was going into the forest to pick up flowers when she recognized something glossy in the grass. Being nosey as the girl had recognized something hidden within the brushwood and finally she found a wonderful golden needle there. The needle was so beautiful that Nadelheit took care of it like of a treasure. From this moment on Adelheit exercised sewing and helped her grandmother every day.

The needle wasn't an ordinary needle because of its magic energy. The small Adelheit, who was so cack-handed before, was sewing within several days as good that her fellow citizen was coming in droves to her and her grandmother and not only for repairing their clothes because in shortest time the small Nadelheit witched the most beautiful clothes for all her fellow citizen.

From this time on Nadelheit and her grandmother began a good live. Over the years Nadelheit became the little Nadelheit who sewed not only classy clothes for rich families but sewed also cute things for poor and sad people to give them pleasure.


Konzept „einzigart“
Nadelheit Nadelheit